With a sudden shock of Covid-19, We have seen a disruption in every section of human society. Covid-19 has split the world into two distinct time periods

  1. Pre-Covid-19
  2. Post-Covid-19.

Businesses are left with only limited choice but to move most of their operations online or remote.

However, Human being is a resilient species. We have survived, evolved and conquered the mother earth. No doubt we will get out this but…but with some inevitable changes. Many technology ‘Pundits’ have predicted that we will soon witness a wave of digitization across every layer of human society

From the boom in e-commerce industry, adaption to touch free technology or even zooming usage of Zoom app for meetings; these are some of the examples, how it has already started. It is apparently going to impact everything that we do today.

We, at digiduffers, plan to write a series of articles to shred some light on opportunities that will definitely help to bounce you back in the ‘Game’.

This article we will talk about possible option for a business to increase their online presence. We have multiple options such as social media, digital marketing or create your own space through a website

Lets talk more about the website option.

WHY a website ???

1] World is ‘More’ Online now

if we talk about the world, It has approximately  4.5 billion (450 crores) internet users. For India, We have 700 million ( 70 crores) users in 2020.By 2025, it is expected to grow to around 950 million ( 95 crores). that’s almost 2.5 times total population of unites states now. This is a hugeeeeeeee number. According to Wikipedia, In India Online grocery orders will grow from 3,00,000 per day in 2019 to more than 50,00,000 per day by 2024

2] Website help you to build a brand value helps to improve your credibility score – Every time we hear about a new shop or a brand, we just google it, According to a recent survey around 53% of Millennial in US prefer to search online about the products they want to buy than inquiring at retail store. If you have a website to guide such curious users with a pool of factual information, you may have won the first lap of mind game.

3] Flexibility– Website is your baby where you can give it more personal touch, look-n-feel. You can add your own x-factor which can distinguish you from the competitors.

4] Control over the content – When you own a website, you have a complete control over the information. If you use common platforms then the platform has ability to delete or hide or block any of your content. Sometimes such platforms may give more preference to paid members having serious adverse impact on your business

5] Cost – This is a most important factor :). With latest technologies, cost of website development has drastically reduced to few hundred dollars. Many of maintenance activities can be done without even hiring a developer.

We hope you find the article informative and provided useful insights if you are planning to launch a website for your business. Feel free to write to us if you have any comments or valuable feedback 🙂

Thank you and be safe!